Monday, March 7, 2011

Digital Media: Annie Leibovitz

       Annie Leibovitz was a photographer from her childhood.  As she went on trips with her family, she would watch the world pass by as she watched through the window.  When she reflected on her childhood, she remarked that the window was the photographic frame that she viewed life through, and it influenced her photography.  As a child, all of photography that she was exposed to focused on the family image, which likewise influenced how she began to take photos as an adult.  She went to the Art Institute of San Francisco for college with the intention of teaching art in the future.  As a college student in California, she embraced the youthful movements of her generation.  She became involved in Rolling Stone when it was fresh and young, and she was a photographer for the magazine for several years.  As a result of that, she photographed the bodybuilder movement, and she went on tour with the Rolling Stones. She began to do commercial assignments for the New York Times and Vanity Fair, and she received criticism from her mentor for taking her photography to such a commercial level.  Nevertheless, Annie continues to take photos for such assignments, and one of her most famous photos was of John Lennon and Yoko Ono mere hours before Lennon was murdered.
       This documentary focused on Annie's career as a photographer and on the influences on her photography.  It was laid out as the timeline of Annie's life, showing the changes in her photography over time.  I felt that the documentary did a good job of describing Annie's life and works, but I feel like there was a lot more that needed to be shown about her life than was shown.  Some of the events in her life that were described seemed to be a bit rushed over, but that did make me interested in learning more about her on my own.  Overall, this documentary was a wonderful film that gave the inspirational life story of Annie Leibovitz, a legendary figure in the history of photography.

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