Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cultural Event #3: Warhol in Colorado

Today, I went to the Warhol exhibit at the University of Denver.  This was also my first exposure to Warhol's work.  I felt that the most striking of Andie Warhol's work was his screenprints, shown above.  The screenprints show classic figures and icons from our culture, but the altered colors and additions to the prints give each image its own new connotation.  Andie experimented with different subjects for his photography and his art, including sports photography, including screenprints of Mohammed Ali, as well as sexuality.  He became quite well known for his print of the Campbell's soup can, so much so that when he took his exhibit to the university of colorado, students brought soup can labels for Warhol to sign.  The exhibit contained many photographs and prints that were donated to the university of denver.  Besides Warhol's work, a lot of work was put into maintaining the environment as an art exhibit, but I feel that the surrounding environment took on the moods of Warhol's work.  The walls had different colors, all complimenting the brightly colored screenprints on every wall.  Overhead lighting was perfectly aligned to make each print pop out brilliantly.  Such a wonderful exhibit did not require a sign to tell people to be respectful and well mannered.  The power of the art and the environment inherently commanded respect and reverence.  The exhibit showed Warhol's work as what it truly is -- Great Art.

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