Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cultural Event #2: Denver Public Library Photography Exhibit

       As I walked into the photo exhibit, I first noticed the location of the exhibit; it didn't look like a typical exhibit, it was just a hall between two larger rooms.  Nevertheless, it had a special feeling to it.  The overhead lights drew the gaze to the wall, and the creme walls were contrasted by the striking images on them.  There didn't seem to be much of a theme between the photos, but, as an exhibit, all of the photos complimented each other.  I think that one thing that we often overlook in art exhibits is the composition of the exhibit on the wall.  A photo could be put too high, or to low, or too close to the other photos.  Good spacings creates the professional, artistic feeling that can be found in any good art exhibit. I believe that the combination of the lighting, colors, and composition truly gave this exhibit a special feeling of its own.  I was particularly drawn to the first two photos, which seem to be a pair.  With a quick glance, it would seem to just be a still life, but be reading the second photo, it seems that the artist connects with this photo on a much deeper level.  The third photo caught my attention because of how all of the photos fit together; some are out of focus, and each photo was from a different angle, but when composed well, they all fit together.  I feel that it is crucial to go to art exhibits, partly to appreciate other works of art, but more importantly to expand one's own creativity.

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