Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the Way to the Darkroom

You never know what you might always take your camera.


The Mythbusters didn't need to prove it. Laughter is contagious. And hilarious.

A Night on the Town

Is there anything more special than a night on the town with your friends, simply celebrating life and having a great time? Live a meaningful life with with the people you love, and you will regret nothing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 2

The Juxtaposition Of Masculine and Feminine

A Language of Romance

Gender can be expressed in so many different ways, but in certain languages, such as Spanish, words themselves have genders.  For instance, the Spanish words novio and novia, as shown above, translate respectively into boyfriend and girlfriend.  The juxtaposition between men and women is inherent in the language. Is it possible that the language itself affects the quality of relationships?

Snow 'People'

Why is it that snow people are always referred to snowmen? What makes them male or female? As seen above, and in many christmas specials, snow people talk and act like humans do. This may seem like a trivial comparison, but isn't this what we do with gender? We often refer to a population overall with a masculine gender. For instance, "All men are created equal".  Our use of the English language excludes women; is this why women still don't have equal constitutional rights to this day?


Yes, admittedly there are sufficient reasons for segregation in this context. But this image of a water fountain with two separate signs strongly reminds me of racial segregation and discrimination.  How do we treat gender in modern day America? Should it be discussed more than it is?


Have you ever noticed the significance of the physical distance that people place between themselves? This physical proximity says a lot about the relationship, even if you know nothing else about the people.


From my experience, the church can have different personas. It can be warm and welcoming like a mother, or it can provide the support and security of a father.  It might be something different for each individual. I feel like the shadows and highlights in this photo give a bit of that sense of mystery and unknown.

Gender seems to be a topic that is constantly being discussed in the modern era. Similar to race, we constantly have to be aware of not generalizing genders, and instead being very intentional about our use of pronouns. Small slips of the tongue can result in debates and arguments because it is one of our society's hot topics.  I feel that we are putting too much effort into defining and characterizing the role of gender in our society and culture.  Instead we should focus on the beauty of gender and how nature defines it.  As I took the photos above, I aimed to represent gender in new ways, showing it in ways that it may not have been shown before.

Project 1 In Its Entirety

Light, Depth of Field and Motion

"Demonstrate your understanding of how shutter speeds and aperture sizes can affect the creative potential of an image."

Image Assignment #1 : Slow Shutter Speed

Image Assignment #2 : Fast Shutter Speed

Image Assignment #3 : Pan with a moving object

 Image Assignment #4 : Small Aperture, Large Depth of Field

 Image Assignment #5 : Large Aperture, Small Depth of Field

This was the very first project assigned in my intro to film photography class. I already understood many of the concepts of shutter speed and aperture sizes before taking this class, but having to apply those concepts to film required significantly more thought and practice.  When using film, "do-overs" are much less practical. Nevertheless, this project effectively helped me learn the intricacies of my film slr camera, and I would suggest this to anyone learning to use a film camera for the first time. I don't feel that I put any meaning into any of the photos that I took for this project, but making this effort has allowed me more freedom in the projects that I have done since then.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Endless Interestingness

Have you ever been interested in finding some new photos online, or simply looking at the work of other photographers to gain inspiration? Flickr, the popular image hosting website, utilizes a measurement of picture popularity called interestingness, and pictures are constantly being selected to go into the interestingness collection. You can view these photos on flickr, but there is a better way. released a webpage that streams a page full of the current interesting photos, and you can scroll up, down, left, and right. Try it out at !

Friday, February 4, 2011

Of Good and Evil(Film), Digitally Inspired

One of my first posts on this blog, titled Of Good and Evil, included a digital photo of this chapel that I edited to be black and white. I liked the photo so much that I decided to go back and take the same photo with my film camera, and this is the result. What do you think? How does the use of film affect the meaning of a photograph?

Edit: Burning
I remade the print for the same negative, but I increased the time of exposure, and I burned the roof of the chapel in the picture so that it would not stand out so much. However, this resulted in a slight loss of detail in the photograph.

The Flag

We probably see a flag flying every day, but how often do we stop and consider what the flag represents, or what it means to us personally? The flag isn't just a piece of cloth; it is a symbol. The next time you see a flag, take a moment to think about what it means to you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Robert Frank

Robert Frank grew up in Switzerland in the 1920s and 1930s, and he began his career in photography in the 1940s. He moved to New York in 1947, and he began working as a fashion photographer for Harper's Bazaar, but his photography didn't become popular until he released The Americans, a book published in 1958 in Paris and 1959 in the United States.  This book contained 83 photos of about 28,000 photos that Frank took over a two year period in which he travelled across America on a grant from the Guggenheim fellowship.  Among the places he travelled were Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas, and California. Unlike the similar photography projects of the day, The Americans showed the less positive side of life in America, and as a result of that, it received much criticism. Nevertheless. this criticism drew interest to the book, and it began to be accepted by younger generations. The interest focussed on Frank's unique style of cropping, lighting, and focussing his shots, and, of course, the meaning behind each photo. Speaking of his favorite photo,  involving a man who wasn't too happy to have his picture taken, Frank said the following. "Those are the difficult moments every photographer has to get over and get away with it and not be discouraged," he says. "Because if one is sensitive, it has an effect on you. So maybe it's better not to be sensitive as a photographer and just go on. Many photographers today have that but I never had that. I think it's nice to be sensitive as a photographer and maybe it's harder."(NPR) After releasing The Americans, Frank began to make films instead of taking photographs. His most popular film was a documentary on the Rolling Stones. Since the 1950s, interest in Robert Frank's photography and films has continued to grow. He is now 86 years old.

The following photos are a selection from The Americans, beginning with the photo mentioned above.

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