Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Matter of Perspective

How does it feel to be on the other side of a camera lens? As I look through the viewfinder to watch the world, the world watches back. When we see a shooting on the news, we may try to empathize with the individuals on the barrel-end of the gun, but do we ever stop to consider the perspective of the man pulling the trigger? As humans, we lack perspective beyond our own, for no one can ever fully understand another until he walks a day in the other man's shoes, as the saying goes. So how can we broaden our perspective? Disagreements, battles, and wars all start from a lack of perspective. It is the lack of understanding and empathy that results in irreconcilable differences between people. The only way to bridge this gap of ignorance is communication, and I have chosen my medium. Though undeniably inadequate, photography creates a gateway into the lives of the subjects of photos taken, as well as into the life of the photographer. Other forms of communication are necessary to breach through the pit of indifference, but photos encourage us to seek meaning and understanding beyond that which is apparent. Photography gives us a chance for awareness. A chance for empathy. A raw perspective, exposed to the world and for the world.

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I am a sophomore in college, studying Biochemistry and math, but I am a pilgrim for knowledge. I seek neither greatness nor acknowledgment, but rather to experience and understand the complex world of ours. My desire for this experiential journey of mine is to gain knowledge and wisdom and, more importantly, to form strong bonds of friendship with the individuals around me. This journey began in December of 2008, when a friend of mine died at the age of 17. In his short life, he had changed lives in ways that I never have done. I was struck by the beauty of the life that had been lost, and I made a promise that day to reach out to people around me; to live a life not wasted. My eyes were opened. My life was changed. My journey had begun.