Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Empty Seat


You sit down for dinner on a Friday night at your favorite restaurant, and you begin to look through the menu that you know by heart. The waiter comes by to ask if you are ready, and the answer, of course, is that you need a bit more time. You decide on what you want and you put the menu down, waiting for the waiter to return. But as you wait, you begin to look around. You see the couples and the families happily eating together and talking about what families talk about.  Then you become painfully aware of the empty chair across from you and the untouched wine glass. As you wait for the waiter you realize that he is not the one you are truly waiting for.

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I am a sophomore in college, studying Biochemistry and math, but I am a pilgrim for knowledge. I seek neither greatness nor acknowledgment, but rather to experience and understand the complex world of ours. My desire for this experiential journey of mine is to gain knowledge and wisdom and, more importantly, to form strong bonds of friendship with the individuals around me. This journey began in December of 2008, when a friend of mine died at the age of 17. In his short life, he had changed lives in ways that I never have done. I was struck by the beauty of the life that had been lost, and I made a promise that day to reach out to people around me; to live a life not wasted. My eyes were opened. My life was changed. My journey had begun.